About the Product Baby

Aero Wong

A relative newcomer to Product Management, Aero has grown frustrated by his experiences in the field. Drawing on his knowledge that spans across multiple sectors (finance, event management, digital marketing, technology and now Product Management) Aero is keenly aware more work needs to be done to elevate the standard in the field. He’s made it his mission to positively disrupt Product Management by showcasing best practices, uncovering innovations, discussing opportunities to capitalise on new technologies, and championing an user-centered approach to make better products.

Welcome To The Product Manager Summit Premium Pass!

Hey, it’s Aero the Product Baby here, the host and creator of the Product Manager Summit.

On this page, I have important material for you how to get started and get the most out of the Product Manager Summit Premium Pass (PMS Premium Pass).

How PMS Premium Pass works:

PMS consists of super value-packed, actionable masterclasses, expert sessions, and behind-the-scenes case studies.

Here’s exactly what’s included in the PMS Premium Pass:

  • Lifetime access to 30 masterclasses, expert sessions, and behind-the-scenes case studies with 30 world-class product managers & leaders - 20+ hours of actionable content
  • Every session is available in HD video + Audio in MP3 format

Welcome again, and we hope you enjoy the PMS Premium Pass!

Aero Wong, Product Baby, Creator and Host of the Product Manager Summit

P.S. If at any point you have technical or account questions, please contact aero@aerowong.com and me or someone on my team will get back to you as soon as possible.